Vedette Style 100/150: High Compression Waist Cincher Vest


Waist cincher vests are useful for a variety of reasons, but most women use them for waist training, reshaping the torso or waist line and in conjunction with weight loss programs. I use the Vedette style 100/150 to slim my waistline. I have to tell you, the compression level on this is very powerful! I wear womens body shapers often, so I am used to it, however if this is your first go at waist cinchers or waist training in general just remember that. The latex material gives very little “give” room, but it is very comfortable. With daily use for 30 days, I was able to reduce my waist by almost 3 inches.

Compression garments are not only perfect for shaping the body, but they are also highly recommended to use after certain types of surgeries such as caesarean section and maintenance after cosmetic plastic surgery like liposuction, tummy tucks, fat transfers and Brazilian butt lifts. Additionally, you can use body shapers after child birth in a technique known as belly binding or post partum belly wrapping. This quickens the healing process and also helps you to regain your pre-pregnancy figure faster.

Vedette shape wear is made of three different layers. The innermost layer is cotton, for comfort. The two outer layers are made from a material called Powernet. Powernet is made from a combination of natural and synthetic fibers. This makes the product comfortable, breathable, flexible and very easy to wear.

Product Spotlight:

Instantly trans forms the feminine figure into a perfect hour glass silhouette.Braless design help lifts the bust and enhance cleavage. Rods for light boning, corrects posture and prevent roll ups. Inner cotton layer for comfort. Mid latex layer flattens the abdomens, sculpts the waist and back. The Hevea latex layer provides elongation and shape retaining memory of the garment. Outer Spandex layer provides strong compression to smoothen the lines. With front two position hook and eye fasteners which could be adjusted to vary compression. String shoulder straps are adjustable and could be worn with any bra. Bra shown is not included.

Price: $58.00

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