Looking for an Instant Butt Lift? Well They Make Bras for Your Butt !

Are you embarrassed by your butt that looks like nothing more than an extension of your thighs? Well, it might have a little size to it literally, but there is no reason why it can’t be turned from a source of embarrassment into a source of pride and appreciative looks. If you’ve got all you need, but just need it lifted some, there is actually an entire type of clothing that you might want to look into. They’re a type of panty that acts as a sort of butt bra, by way of lifting and redirecting what nature (and possibly fast food and ice cream) gave you.

Believe it or not, they actually make bras that are for your butt, instead of for your breasts. And just like regular bras attach to what you have and provide support, these bras that you wear on your hips provide a similar service to your derriere. They usually hook in around the front, and their straps run under your butt cheeks, giving them a little “pick me up” to more proudly show off what you’ve got.

It doesn’t really matter what type of bottom you have, because with a butt bra, you can change its shape considerably. If you have a lot of cushioning that gravity has gotten a hold of, you can move it up until you’re likely to receive a telegram from J Lo telling you to “back off!” If you have something a little more modest going on down south, you can lift it up into a more generous perceived range. And if you just were not endowed with a glorious, wonderful butt, you can take what you do have and give it a little “booster seat.” So to speak.

There is actually a lovely product out on the market that can help you a great deal to, uh, get your butt out of a jam. It’s called the Push-Up Adjustable But Bra, and it was actually the first butt bra to ever be offered to the public. The Butt Bra features a standard panty piece, a waist reducing band (for slimming out your belly and adding a little something to your hips), and a pair of bands that hook in the front underneath either butt cheek. What really sets this apart is that it allows you to give your butt one of four different lift options, all the way from “just a smidge” to “Pump me up!” They aren’t actually given names like that, but you should feel free to make up your own loving affirmations for how far this can take your bottom.

Product Spotlight:

This original “butt-lifter” butt bra is an adjustable push-up panty and waist cincher all in one! How it works….a waist reducing band is securely attached to the powernet panty piece. The Panty has a bra-like adjustable hook and eye attachment. A band that runs from the base of the panty, loops around under each cheek to attach to the hook and eye adjusters in the front of the panty. Four positions allow for four levels of lift, from a moderate boost all the way “up” to a dramatically lifted look. Ingenious! Also features a 100% cotton gusset.

Price : $28.00

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