How to Get a Booty Like Buffie the Body?

Video Vixen and Urban model, “Buffie the Body” has been mesmerizing both men and women across the internet with her ample backside for years now.  After appearing in several hip hop music videos and countless men’s magazines, her butt became the topic of conversation at every corner of the world wide web.  Is it real? Is it natural? And perhaps asked even more – “How do I get a butt like Buffie the body?? Is it even possible?”
When it comes to bootys, Buffie’s stands out amongst the crowd (pun intended) for a few reasons:
1.  Hip to Waist ratio: She has a small waist line which accentuates her shape and rear end.
2.  Her butt looks “natural”: Now we aren’t saying that her butt is fake – but there are certainly some celebs and psuedo-celebs out there who claim that their booty is real, but it looks faker than a $2 bill (hint: Kim Kardashian and Angel Lola Luv). With Buffie, her behind fits the rest of her physique. She has nice thick thighs and her body just “matches” her butt overall.
3. She’s physically fit: It’s rare to see a woman whos in shape, with a butt that big. On one of Buffie’s official website – she gifts diet, workout and fitness tips for women. She also practices what she preaches.
ways to get booty like buffie the body
Now lets make one thing clear – much of her body type is pure genetics, meaning – if it isn’t in your DNA to have it, no amount of working out, squats, pills or anything else will make your butt that big. However if you have something close enough, or simply want to give your butt a little more “lift” – there are some things out there for you.
1. Body Shapers & Undergarments: Body shapers are the quickest and most easy way to temporarily re-shape your body. Perhaps you are satisfied with the size of your behind, but want to shave a few inches off your waist line to make it stand out and up a little more.  A waist minimizer that include a butt lift feature would be the best way to achieve that.


Vedette Body Shaper style #302 Waist Minimizer with butt lifter


2. Silicone Butt Pads:  IF you really need or want to add inches to your booty, silicone butt pads from are the most natural feeling silicone inserts on the market.  They come in sizes XS to 3XL ranging from 7/8 of an inch to a full 2 inches of extra booty!

best silicone butt pads

Silicone Butt Pads from


3. Workout & Fitness Tips: Buffie gives great advice coupled with video examples on her official site just for women: . She also recommends products such as Fat Burning Furnace  and the 31 Day Fat Loss Cure

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