How Can I Get an Hourglass Figure Naturally & Permanently?

I’m going to be honest: I didn’t always have an hourglass figure. In actuality, I was always very petite, even mousy. However, when I finally did what it took to get an hourglass figure – and succeeded – honey, you couldn’t tell me nothing! I spent at least a month Instagramming and Facebooking pictures of myself posing in all types of maxi dresses and miniskirts in dressing rooms.

Conceited much? No, that’s not the case. My curves, toned and feminine, which I’ve worked hard for, are a source of pride for me. I’m strong and sexy, yet my body looks soft to the touch – and so will yours when you learn what I did, step-by-step, to get the body I wanted.

Act Like a Lady, Think Like an Athlete

Steve Harvey says a woman should “act like a lady, think like a man.” Let’s modify this a bit: “Act like a lady, think like an athlete.”

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Have you ever wondered what separates the wheat from the chaff in sports? Why the best athletes are at the top of their respective leagues? Well, for one, athletes are so dedicated to their goals that they’ve built their lifestyle around habits that allow them to consistently accomplish and maintain those specific goals.

“Athletes connect everything they do to the body – the have an image and an idea of the shape they’d like to be in, and they eat and exercise accordingly to bring this image to life,” says Tracy Reifkind, author of The Swing: Lose the Fat and Get Fit. “Their regimens are designed to maximize performance and to make sure they’re always in a certain zone of fitness.”

Reifkind says most of the non-athletic population falls into a habit of letting go of ourselves and then reining it back in. As a result our habits – and bodies – are inconsistent with how we’d like to look.

How To Get an Hourglass Figure – Naturally

There are natural ways to get bigger hips, get a bigger butt or get a smaller waist; however, consistency is the magic word here. You’re only going to achieve nice, toned and homegrown hourglass thickness when you start to think (and so behave) like an athlete does. Commit to connecting your lifestyle to your body with a strategic plan of action based on these guidelines and you’ll become the brickhouse bombshell you desire.

1. Break your ultimate goal into a series of smaller ones.

Whether you have to tone up and lose or gain weight in order to achieve your ideal coke bottle body, break down your overall goal down into baby steps so that you stay motivated. Leo Babauta of Zen Habits suggests that starting out with a “ridiculously easy goal” and growing from there, building upon your goals as you successfully achieve them.

For example, if getting a healthy hourglass figure requires drinking 12 cups of water daily and you only average 4, make a goal of drinking 6 cups daily before jumping headfirst into drinking 12

2. Eat clean.

What we put into our bodies has the power to enhance or inhibit our appearance. Eating clean, whole foods that are as minimally processed as possible requires discipline, but trust me, once you see extra pounds melting away belly fat you’ve wanted to get rid of for years, it’ll be easier. Eating clean doesn’t have to be disgusting either; check out Oxygen’s Clean Eating Magazine, which has delicious recipes you can try at home today. (

3. Invest in your body.

If you’re serious about getting a Coke bottle body with a smaller waist to enhance your bigger hips and booty, you must to invest in weight training of some sort. There are several options. You can purchase a kettlebell training program that’s convenient for any schedule, get a gym membership at Curves or Planet Fitness, or even use plyometric exercises like those in Insanity or P90X. Either way, you can’t expect to gain curves without investing in strength training that sculpts lean, sexy muscles for a womanly appearance.

Furthermore, if you’re interested in adding bulk to certain areas of your body, such as your butt, you may need to prepare to lift heavier amounts of weight in advance. This process will not happen overnight, so again, start small and set measurable goals.

4. Exercise patience.

Your transformation is going to be the result of habitual thoughts put into consistent action.  Naturally building an hourglass body requires natural progression that comes with time. When you’re patient with the bodybuilding process and allow it to become a natural part of your life, making it easier to commit to and sustain for the long haul.

5. Make yourself accountable.

Sometimes, the best way to get what you want – besides to really, really want it – is to declare it to the world. Commit publicly to your decision to find natural ways to get a bigger butt or hourglass shape without surgeries or enhancements. Of course, if you’re a little too shy for that, then find a partner or two to hold you accountable for doing what’s necessary to get an hourglass body. Just make sure you tell someone you can trust that will remind you of your goals.

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