Get Your Beautiful Body Back with Postpartum Belly Binding & Body Shapers!

Regain your Pre-Pregnancy Figure with Belly Binding and Postpartum Body Shapers

I grew up watching my abuelita and other women in my family wrap, or “bind” the bellies of female relatives that had just given birth. They wasted no time in doing so either, just as soon as the doctor cleared her; the women in my family were wrapping her postpartum belly. This was done to flatten her midsection and assist her in re-gaining her figure as quickly as possible. I figured this was common place, so imagine my shock when many of my close friends admitted that they had never heard of such a thing!

Postpartum belly binding or wrapping isn’t a new thing. In fact, while researching I discovered that the technique is thousands of years old. So when and why did we lose our way?!

There are several excellent reasons to do postpartum body binding, and they go beyond cosmetic benefits. Think about it from this perspective; your body has spent nine months housing, growing and nurturing another human being. Your uterus expanded, your insides shifted, your skin stretched, your pelvis widened…the changes the body experiences during pregnancy are truly amazing. Then you go into labor and delivery; nine months of serious changes to your body are undone in a matter of hours! The fact is, your body needs just a little bit of help to be restored back to its former glory. This is where belly binding and postpartum body girdles and shapers come in.

There are a few really great post-pregnancy belly binders available on the market. There are also some products marketed specifically to women who have just given birth. Everything being equal, they all work in the same way and achieve the same results. The one thing you will need to be mindful of is the compression of your wrap or girdle. The objective is to firmly support your midsection. You DO NOT want to constrict it too much.

Postpartum body girdles are also a good option for back support. The firm compression aspect will naturally elongate your back, force you to sit properly and support your back along with your core muscle groups. Belly wraps are even safe and often recommended for women who had c-sections as it promotes faster healing.

The benefits of postpartum body girdles include promotion of quick healing, back support, and regaining your pre-pregnancy body. For examples of some of my favorite brands, please visit my site today!

Tauts Post Pregnancy Wrap

Product Spotlight:

The Postpartum Girdle improves the figure and helps bring it back to the pre-pregnancy condition. This is a comfortable Girdle that is not visible when worn underneath clothing. It features a lower opening with two additional hooks to accommodate size changes and hygienic convenience. Girdle has a 100% cotton lining to prevent allergies and irritations. A reinforced abdominal and back areas provide additional support for the back. The Postpartum Girdle is offered in XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL and 3XL sizes.

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