Breakdown of the 5 Common Body Types in Women

There are 5 common body shapes: the pear, inverted triangle, rectangle, apple and hourglass. Of the five, the hourglass body shape is the most desired and coveted. No matter how fat or skinny you are – your body SHAPE still falls into any of the aforementioned categories.
Let me explain – body shapes are largely determined by definition of your waist in proportion to your shoulders and torso. So even if you are considered plus size or a size 2, you can still have an hourglass body type, as long as your body measurements fall into the definition.
Pear Body Shape:
The pear shape body has a well defined waist, and your thighs and butt may very well be full and rounded. However your shoulders are proportionally narrower than your hips. Pop star Rhianna is a pretty good example of the pear shaped body type.
Inverted Triangle Body Shape:
The inverted triangle body type has a torso and shoulders that are much wider than their hips and have very little waist definition. The butt is typically flat, but you’ll have slender legs. Female competitive swimmers often have classic inverted triangle shaped bodies.
Rectangle body shape:
The rectangle body shape has little waist definition although your torso is the same width as your hips. You may appear “narrow” in shape. Women with this body type are often considered “boyish” in shape. Now this may not be your natural shape, but if you struggle with mid-section weight gain, this is what tends to happen. Talk show host Kelly Ripka or fashionista Victoria Beckham have rectangle body shapes.
Apple Body Type
Of all the body types – the apple has the least amount of waist definition, in fact – the apple has virtually NO waist line definition. Apple shaped women are often very round with a torso and upper body that are winder than their hips.
Hourglass Body Type:
The hourglass shape has the most defined waistline. The waist measurements of a woman with this shape are typically 8 to 12 inches smaller than the hip and bust measurements. For example – if your bust and hips both measure at 40 inches and your waistline measures at 32 inches or less – you have an hourglass body type. The smaller the waist, the more shapely you are. Kim Kardashian is an excellent example of a true hourglass.
Now there are many things that you can do to enhance your natural body type, from dieting to waist cinchers, girdles and workouts – if you aren’t completely satisfied with what you have…you can definitely change it!

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