Brazil Butt lift Triangle Training Explained

Leandro Carvalho’s Brazil Butt Lift workout program has turned thousands of couch bunnies into beach bunnies. If you’re interested in naturally getting a bigger butt, bigger hips and a smaller waist with a sexy and interesting form of exercise, Brazil Butt lift may be for you. The program, available on several DVDs, contains several butt lifting and shaping exercises to help you maximize your assets. One of the most popular features of the program? The Triangle Training workout.

Many women today lead busy lifestyles that don’t always leave time for a thorough workout. To help women constantly on the go achieve the sexy Brazilian style booty of their dreams, Leandro provides the Triangle Training workout. The Triangle Training workout moves “work all three gluteal muscles from numerous angles for a triple-threat blast that will lift, firm, and shape your booty to Brazilian perfection,” asserts the program.

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Among the moves available in the Triangle Training method, you’ll find: the Samba Tornado, Ipanema Walk, Squat Arabesque, Kneeling Leg Lift, Curtsey Lunge, Attitude Kick Back, Suspended Clam, High Heels and more. Each of the exercises comes on an individual flash card that provides in-depth instructions for proper execution, and shows the specific areas of the leg and buttocks where you’ll feel them working.

The Triangle Training method is only available with the purchase of Brazil Butt Lift or Brazil Butt Lift Deluxe. Both programs are distributed by the award-winning Beach Body fitness company, which has several coaches throughout the country. You can also purchase the program online via or through Amazon. The kit comes with several fun and sexy Brazilian dance style workouts as well as an eating plan that doesn’t force you to starve and can help you get results in as little as 6 days if you’re disciplined.


Pictured above, there’s a picture of the front and back of a Triangle Training exercise from my own Brazil Butt Lift kit. I chose the Kneeling Diagonal Rainbow because it’s one of my favorites and the burn hurts so good, I know it’s working! If you want to get a big, sexy Brazilian butt and get an hourglass figure like the girls from Rio de Janeiro, check out Leandro Carvalho’s Brazilian Butt Lift and use his Triangle Training method.

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